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A platformer where you play as a happy block trying to turn all the angry blocks back to being happy again. Currently only 2 worlds with the 2cnd world not finished yet. 3 game modes- Normal mode,Long mode, and survival mode(survival mode will crash if to many objects spawn in)

Thanks to Allu13 for help with design and other stuff!

-[Story (as of now)]-
In this world of Happy Blocks there was a deformed block. This deformed block was ignored by the happy blocks because he was different (The Happy blocks are incapable of being verbally mean). So one day the Deformed block decided to make a machine that would take all the happiness away from the blocks. It is up to your character (the last remaining happy block) to go and destroy this machine and return all of the blocks back to the normal Happy state.

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, blocks, GameMaker, gamepad, Singleplayer
Average durationA few minutes

Install instructions

run the .exe and your on your way


HappyBlockPlatforming.exe (27 MB)

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